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888 Holdings PLC, (LSE: 888) known commonly as 888.com, is a public company which owns several popular gambling brands and websites. 888 is based in Gibraltar. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

An angry player shared his experience: "I have received welcome bonus and have completed all wagering requirements. After that I have won over 800£. I have requested founds to be withdrawn and get withdrawal confirmation. Next day I have received request to upload my documents for verification. I have uploaded pictures of my UK driving licence which is registered in the same name and address as my account with 888casino. Following day I have received email from they operation team saying that my account was closed due to failing security checks. They haven’t include any details or explain why these checks were unsuccessful. I have contacted their operation team but never get any reply. Their online chat is not available neither customer service number. I have read the reviews on internet and it seems to be usual way for this casinos to treat people this way. I do feel that only thing I did wrong was winning money and they try to use excuses and not pay me my winnings."


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Former Employee - Product Manager says

"* There is no plan for personal development. * They do not apply section 14 in Israeli law. They will take your pension funds. * The product and technology are very old."

Former Employee - QA Engineer says

"In 888 there is no guarantee of employment. The idea is to recruit cheap in Romania at the expense of Israelis."

Current Employee - Senior QA Engineer says

"Old technologies, too much inside politics. Impossible to upgrade your career"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Supervisors dump workloads on hard working employees. People who work hard do not get recognized for promotions. THERE ARE NO RAISES ! NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY. They hire you and tell you that there's room for growth but there isn't. They say the overnights are time & 1/2 but its not. There will be multiple discrepancies with your paycheck . Some people didnt get paid there rates and because they never checked there pay stubs they didnt know. The compant told then of the discrepancy a year later. When you first start you might not get paid until a month after. THEY DONT PAY THE INTIAL WAGE . They give you a three months probation and then give you the salary promised. They dont state that in the advertisement to get you to work for them. Dont challenge supervisors or managers in there way of thinking because they do not take it as contructive criticism. I would not reccomend anyone to work here. They have multiple turn overs because of all this. The manager will tell you that he would like honesty in the company, but he himself is not honest with his employees."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Your hard word is not recognized, if you are good and professionally they don’t let you grow, they cut your legs as soon as possible then you are limited to the same work all they. Manager are insane, most of them have been promoted because they are brown nose people, they hadn’t a clue how threat people. HR department doesn’t exist at all, only 3 people working for about 200 employees!!!! They try to intimidate you sending emails. Managers take advantage of your work because they don’t know how to do their job they dont know how motivate their stuffs. You have the feeling you are monitored all the time, every single minute there is monitored, they don’t trust on you! It’s not an open mind company. Salaries are ridiculous. I do not recommend."

Customer Operations Specialist says

"Poor communication skills management sucks HR is non existent no proper training it's like a boot camp in there. They really take full advantage of being an "at will" company . They try to get to you by intimidation"


"Management has no business ethics he abuses employees verbally, and swears at them. Employees get hired and fired more than a motel who has roaches that enter and exit it. People only stay because they feel theyes have no other option to go else where, so they settle. HR is part time"

Former Employee - Customer Operations Specialist says

"when I was contacted they presented the company and the job itself as the best ever. A big family , lots of benefits , a company that cares about employees. As soon as I arrived I was put in a dirty old noisy apartment, the benefits where no longer existent and as soon as I asked for a clarification I got fired!!! unbelievably abusive managers , particularly the HR people. I wish I did not believe their offer in the first place"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"working for this company is like beng in a jail where nothing is allowed. The training is inexistent and when you get on the floor you rely on your colleagues who generally don't know much. If you dare to compliain about it, they will fire you as the HR department is terrible and not able to traeat people like human beings. Do yourself a favour , do not work for these people , look for another job"

Former Employee - Web Developer says

"You won't be making a difference in any role you play there. Most of the work there is to sit in meetings and talk about ideas and recommendations. 90% of the time is talking, 10% is actual work. That company promotes neputism and favorism. Being friends with management supercedes hard work. Flat organization with no chance of promotion. Very low quality of personal, especially in the dev roles."

CSR (Former Employee) says

"This was easily one of the worst places I have ever worked. The hours are long, the benefits are minimal. The stress level is high. There is nothing I can recommend about this company. Cons: Too many to mention"

Operations, Fraud/Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management. Didn't listen to what employees were asking of them for a better work environment. Had bed bugs in the office and they didn't take it seriously as one employee worked for a termite company prior to starting this company and they wouldn't even listen to her knowledge of the problem. Cons: Shift work"

Virtual Marketing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The hours were not flexible. You normally work 40 hours a week and were able to take on additional hours if you wanted to. However, you could work no more than 60 hours for the entire week. You were paid at the same rate for those additional hours."

Customer Operations Representative (Former Employee) says

"Since it is an Operations job people are needed 24 hours a day so there was never a consistent schedule. Some weeks you work from midnight-8AM while others you work from 8 AM-4PM"

Customer Operations Representative (Former Employee) says

"The people are great! However, fraud and customer service are brought under the same roof. The expectation is to disengage from the fraud component whenever a customer calls in. This makes the daily routine a bit harder than it ought to be for those who enjoy the investigative nature of fraud general analysis."

Director (Former Employee) says

"Reactive rather than proactive. Too much focus on day to day analytics even if in detriment of the big picture. Managers are very self focused versus developing their teams. Cons: Disorganized, poor management"

Online Bingo Host (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed being a front line member of staff working with some of the players listening to there everyday chat and making them enjoy playing the site where i was based"

anthony harris says

"No bonus, despite asking and being promised it would be added, another bunch of cheaters, disgraceful the way they treat customers"

neil brooks says

"Followed their instructions for welcome bonus but didn't receive. No customer service when I made a query about it. Very poor!"

Anna Mzs says

"I had won money and wanted to cash out; I had send in all my documents my DL front and back and a recent cell phone bill I gave all my documents and I get an email saying I need to send in my passport ???? I DONT HAVE A PASSPORT .... it doesn’t seem like they will pay you out; I am a online gambler and I have accounts with many other online companies that never had any issue of my documents and paying me out. But not coming back here unless I wanna throw my money away which is never !!!! SUPER SCAM —— I wish I would of read reviews before I send them money ; I feel so stuiped and fooled ———- NO THEY ARE NOT RATED 1 in Canada are you kidding me hahaha PlayNow.com is the most trustable online and pay is the next day"

chocolate and fudge duncans says

"888 is the worse site ever, it starts with the £88 bonus as soon as you win £10.00 you lose the rest of the bonus, max win £10.00. Wins are awful, you will not win anything. Avoid, so many other better sites with great wins."

darren burke says

"I I have been waiting 9 Days for my £30 bonus when you spend £10 bet the telling me to go back into my own account and then it goes withdraw but I've already spent a tenner on a bet it looks like there's a bit of a scam"

Pete Dennis says

"love to play gonzos quest go to any other casino and you bet £2 spins i always get some big payouts in last 3 days 888 have had over £500 not one big winning spin couple of quest came in and you get small winnings Please everybody avoid like the plague total and utter leeches this is THE WORST CASINO EVER !!!!! DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOUR MONEY BE CAREFUL"

Cassie Smith says

"Been using this for over a year now, should have $270 in my account, still not there!! Emailed them 5 times, still no email back!! Quick enough to take, but won’t pay out!! AVOID"

Martin says

"Absolutely horrible attitude! My friend and I have made few deposits this month from the 10th to 17th December, with the last deposit of $15, we won $1000, sounds perfect for a Christmas gift, init?! Well, until present date they haven't paid a penny yet! We've called the number 3 times : 1 : got hung up 2 : got promised that the funds would be transferred by 25th (Christmas day) 3: a woman said we shall not rely on these funds! Are you being serious? What if 2 military man come with the tank in front of your office building, huh?! Avoid these scumbags!"

Luke L says

"If I could give 0 stars I would. As all the reviews say, this site is the pinnacle of poor practices towards their customers. Games are bad, app is bad, rewards are almost zero, an withdrawal can take weeks, they take an eternity to reply to their emails or like some say they never get back to you. They would do anything to rip you off."

Mhm Mhm says

"I've been playing poker on 888 for the last 7yrs, tens of thousands of hours, being part of the "MVP" team, having level almost 500. 3 weeks ago i got an email which I thought was a courtesy email from my "MVP account manager" asking me how I am doing. I told her I am thinking of taking a break as I was not running well lately, and SURPRISE, few days later I get an email telling me that my account is CLOSED for "Responsible Gaming Reasons" and to "REFRAIN" from contacting 888 further?? I took a 2 week break as planned and few days ago I emailed them back, and of course I did not get any reply. Thank you 888! Great job! I will stay as far away from your site as possible and I suggest everyone to do the same. P.S: Don't bother copy pasting some scripted corporate reply."

HUKDLover says

"888 are scammers. Simple as that. Gamble with these people & you will lose. Con artist."

Peter Plunkett says

"Don’t do it. I’ve just come back on this site after self excluding. Deposited £120 on the live casino.7 spins covering 22 numbers not one number. Next door to a good number on 5 of the spins. Absolutely fiddled. And don’t reply with that stupid generic message. You won’t get any more money off me ROBBERS"

Craig Crofts says

"I am contacting my solicitor about this form I won £2800 and now suspended my account I sent in all the documents they wanted heard nothing if I have to sell my house to take these scammers to court I will do avoid guys"

Fiona McLean says

"So have been using them for months and they were great in the beginning but now they have locked my account because i refuse to send them my bank statements for the last 3 months and tell them my source of income - that has nothing to do with them at all. I work hard for my money and i can do what i like with it - now they have locked my account!"

Kerry Henderson-heaton says

"I deposited £10 with a brand new card, all of a sudden I got text after text from loan companies, 888 sells your bank information to third parties, luckily my bank noticed suspicions activity then called to say multiple loan companies who charge for brokering a loan tried to take all sorts of money from my account from 11pence to £140, my account then had to be blocked as fraud which had decimated my credit rating putting up the price of my mortgage, car, my daughter’s car, this company will have cost me thousands by time my credit goes back to a higher rating. STAY AWAY FROM 888, ITS A NON NATIONAL CORPORATION WHICH FOLLOWS NO GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES. ITS NOT TO BE TRUSTED."

John Demagio says

"Extremely suspicious poker software, no support, and the only bonus spins provided land on the same no value tickets every single day, never see another type of result. Terrible products best to avoid"

John Ukoko says

"Should be able to give 0 stars, very rigged you see the same players winning all the time and they are very bad poker players always hitting what they need on the river. If you like being set up to lose hands then this is the site for you."

Gatis Sisson says

"888 casino need to be close down"

Xell Alchem says

"Offered a no deposit bonus for sign up Simply click the link in the text! Didn’t come through, got the text to verify my email address. Emailed support as requested as no text came through, support closed my ticket with generic information about something else. Told to reply to email...no response again. 48 hours to claim bonus gone. So glad I didn’t deposit any money with themZ"

Stephen says

"Where’s the big wins!!! Who wants to win 20p, 40p or 80p on a £2 bet, this is the slots I’m playing. How much do you have to spend to gain a big win, not really worth it, I wouldn’t advise anyone to jump on this or other slot advertising sites. All the tv adverts recently with the chances of big wins and lockdown curiosity got the better of me, don’t bother."

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